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Terrasil® Wound Care is Tried & True. Take a Look at Our Clinical Cases.

Terrasil Wound Care Brings Real Results

It’s true, and we have the photos to prove it.

This unique all-in-one wound treatment system in a jar features our patented Activated Minerals®, a proprietary blend including Magnesium Oxide and Zinc Oxide. These nutrient-rich minerals work together to support the natural production of new, healthy skin cells.

Customers report relief within 1 to 7 days‡ of daily use. See for yourself in these before and after photos.

Physician Tested and Recommended

Terrasil Wound Care is just what the doctor ordered. They have tested Terrasil on the most difficult-to-heal wounds, reporting outstanding results.

Dr. Niezgoda
“It is easy to use and well tolerated by patients with all types of non-healing wounds and should be considered as a primary topical agent.”
– Dr. Jeffrey Niezgoda, MD

Clinical Case Charts

We are committed to not only improving our product, but evolving to best heal even the most persistent wounds , faster. Take a look at the charts and graphs below. These studies have proven Terrasil Wound Care to be a viable treatment, again and again.


Antimicrobial Effectiveness Study 1

Study: An in-vitro study with Staph aureus to determine the kill rate of the Terrasil Wound Care compared to silver sulfadiazine cream (SSD) and a leading antimicrobial silver gel.

Results: In the first hour, Terrasil eliminated all but 11% of the Staph aureus, compared to the silver gel that left 67.0% of the bacteria surviving and the SSD that left 77% surviving. Terrasil, therefore, was 6X more efficient than the silver gel and 7X more efficient than the SSD in the first hour. At 120 minutes Terrasil had eliminated 99.99% of the Staph, compared to 46% for the silver gel and 35% for the SSD.

Clinical Implications: If the Terrasil Wound Care kills microbes in an infected wound as efficiently as shown in the graph, it may provide an insight into the ability of Terrasil to support faster healing.

Comparative Antifungal Chart
Comparative Antifungal Chart

Antimicrobial Effectiveness Study 2

Study: An in-vitro study with Staph aureus compared the bacteriostatic performance of Terrasil Wound Care, SSD and a leading silver gel.

Results:After 3 hours Terrasil Wound Care continued to exhibit nearly 100% control of microbial growth; whereas the other silver products showed an immediate inability to control growth of the Staph. You can see the Terrasil nearly flat-lined at the base of the graph.

Clinical Implications: If the Terrasil Wound Care prevents the growth of microbes in the wound bed as effectively as shown in the graph, it may provide an insight into the ability of Terrasil to support faster healing.

Multi-Center Case Series

A prospective multi-center case series assessed the effectiveness of Terrasil in the promotion of wound healing. At three geographically separate wound care centers in the United States managed by SerenaGroup™ cooperative group, thirty (30) adult patients with chronic, non-healing wounds (persisting for an average of 6 months) of various etiologies, including diabetic foot, venous and arterial ulcers, traumatic and post-surgical wounds, received Terrasil ointment daily, except under compression therapy when it was applied 1-3 times weekly. Clinician assessments revealed an increased percentage of healthy granulation tissue and an overall improvement in wound status. All 30 patients demonstrated a reduction in wound size, with an average of 80% surface area reduction in a mean of 26 days.

Multi-Center Case Series
Diabetic Ulcers

Diabetic Ulcers:

Above is a graph from a recent clinical study* that compared Terrasil Wound Care** to daily cleaning and bandaging (control). The study with 66 patients measured a number of factors including the percentage healing of chronic diabetic foot ulcers after 4 weeks (reduction of wound size). The study showed that Terrasil Wound Care reduced the size of the patients’ ulcer area by an average of 89.2% versus 23.9% with the control.

This study confirmed the healing speed of Terrasil Wound Care studied (nearly 4X faster). The study also determined that 39% of patients had 100% healing of their wounds, compared to 16% for the conventional therapy. Skin PO2 (transcutaneous oxygen pressure) increased 2.6 times more than the control group (23.3% to 9.1%) and skin flux (RF) was improved 4.3 times more than the control group (-26.7% to -6.2%).

The study author (Dr. Gianni Belcaro, MD) concluded, “The result of applying [Terrasil Wound Care] ointment to ulcerated tissue apparently limited bacterial growth and controlled infections, thus producing a more controlled anti-inflammatory, anti-scarring response that heals ulcers faster than conventional wound care therapy.”

Venous Ulcers Study

In a 2010 open registry pilot study* with 82 patients with venous insufficiency, Terrasil Wound Care** reduced ulcer surface area 1.9 times (190%) more than the control group (standard compression therapy); -88.7% to -46.9%. There was a complete closure of ulcerations in 42% of subjects in the Terrasil Wound Care group compared to 22% in the control group. Skin PO2 was increased 2.1 times more than the control group (17.4% to 8.2%) and skin flux (RF) was improved 1.6 times more than the control group (-38.7% to -24.2%).

Venous Ulcers Study
Venous Ulcers Study

Venous Ulcers Study 2

In a 2011 open registry pilot study* with 44 patients, all with chronic venous ulcers, the focus was on home self-management using Terrasil Wound Care**. Results showed complete closure of the ulceration in 68% of subjects, in comparison with 36% in controls (P<0.025).

The study author (Dr. Gianni Belcaro, MD) wrote, “The difference between the two treatments was clinically very significant. [With Terrasil Wound Care] self-management was significantly better and with better results (less pain, edema, swelling and minimal discharge), because fewer patients had to see their attending surgeon and were able to manage their ulcers at home. This results in an important decrease in costs and time with an improvement in comfort.”

Clinical Research
doctor recommended

By collaborating with top wound care specialists, we conduct ongoing research to ensure that Terrasil Wound Care is constantly evolving to best heal persistent wounds.

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All Natural and Pain Free
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Terrasil Wound Care is made with all-natural ingredients, ensuring that your skin is not irritated during the healing process. It is designed to promote quick relief and recovery.

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